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Win Signed Gojira CD and T-shirt!

The LFC (liquid Fire Club) Gojira Fan club is having a logo contest until February 4th 2013.

- Create and Design a logo for “The Liquid Fire Club” using own art and Gojira related themes

- Submit logo before Feb 4th through the LFC Facebook Page and have it “liked” by fans and also Gojira Themselves

WINNER WILL RECEIVE – Signed CD “From Mars To Sirius” & Gojira tour t-shirt!

JOIN THE LFC Facebook page today and enter to win!

Gojira Universe and the The Liquid Fire Club!

Hey Gojira Fans! If your are looking for the best place on Facebook or the Web to get your GOJIRA FIX, look no further. Gojira Universe is proud to present the THE LIQUID FIRE CLUB. The LFC has the best network of people around the globe updating current news, pictures, and live updates from their performances across North America. See the newest interviews, pics from the road, and discuss with other Goji-heads like yourself! Go and visit The Liquid Fire Club Facebook Page today!


written by Danielle@gojirauniverse.com = Gojira Universe – The Fansite for the Heaviest Band On Earth!

North America – Gojira is Coming!

Heres a ‘teaser” vid of the guys preparing for the beginning of their US Tour starting In January.


If you haven’t bought your tickets GO GET EM!

L’Enfant Sau-amazing

The Album has been out for awhile now and I’ve yet to give a full in detail commentary and or review on it. So here we go… Its Fucking Amazing.

Seriously, so noob Gojira fans who were expecting an all out brutal pounding were probably a bit suprised (and quite possibly dissapointed) that thats not what happened. What we got was a much more refined product,(organized and structured face pounding). Gojira is constantly evolving and changing, they never set limits or catagorize themselves in a certain place in metal, in music, in anything really. They just flat out do what they do, and they couldn’t have done any better with L’enfant Sauvage.

At first, (like most Gojira Albums) I didn’t know what to think, I was completely taken aback with everything the album was doing. Its so direct with the lyrics, Continue reading “L’Enfant Sau-amazing” »

New Gojira Live Videos

Gojira Fanatics around the world have been filming their amazing experiences seeing Gojira Live this year. We all know we love to see them perform the new album! Here are some we’ve found to feed your Gojira Fix –


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