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Category Archive: the Backbone

L’Enfant Sau-amazing

The Album has been out for awhile now and I’ve yet to give a full in detail commentary and or review on it. So here we go… Its Fucking Amazing. Seriously, so noob Gojira fans who were expecting an all out brutal pounding were probably a bit suprised (and quite possibly dissapointed) that thats not …

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Music to My Ears

Terra Incognita

The new Gojira album is out…. and I have it. I still haven’t listened to the whole thing yet. For several reasons. Some I’m sure those who are reading don’t care , but when you are musician with OCD and slightly-unhealthily-obsessed with Gojira as much as I am, you tend to try and savor as …

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Why I Do This

Creator Of GojiraUniverse.com

I’m Danielle, the Creator and Moderator of this site. I’m posting these blog entries to share with other Gojira fans, my passion and love for this band. I, myself , am a musician (drums/keyboard/guitar). Mostly playing drums since I was 13, I’ve always been a very rhythmic person. I became huge fans of metal early …

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Welcome to Gojira Universe

My name is Danielle, I am the creator and moderator of Gojira Universe. I created this site because I am a HUGE fan of the band and wanted to make a great fan page (seeing that there is not one right now). The band has been a huge influence and inspiration to me and I …

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