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Christian Andreu



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Christian Andreu – Guitarist (since 1996)

From Bayonne, France

Guitars: Jackson RR1t
Jackson RR Custom (with ”G” inlay on 12th fret)
Jackson RR5
Gibson Explorer (on The Link Alive)

Amplifier: L’enfant Sauvage – Now: EVH 5150 III 100 watt HEAD
EVH 5150 III 4×12 Cab
(Note: Christian has started using EVH in 2009 on Gojira’s first headlining tour in US)

Terra Incognita – The Link: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
From Mars to Sirius – The Way of All flesh: Peavey 6505+, 6505, 5150, 5150 II

Effects: Boss Tu-2
MXR Smart-Gate
MXR Carbon Copy Delay

Note: Before deal with Dunlop, he was using Boss NS-2.

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