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L’Enfant Sau-amazing

The Album has been out for awhile now and I’ve yet to give a full in detail commentary and or review on it. So here we go… Its Fucking Amazing.

Seriously, so noob Gojira fans who were expecting an all out brutal pounding were probably a bit suprised (and quite possibly dissapointed) that thats not what happened. What we got was a much more refined product,(organized and structured face pounding). Gojira is constantly evolving and changing, they never set limits or catagorize themselves in a certain place in metal, in music, in anything really. They just flat out do what they do, and they couldn’t have done any better with L’enfant Sauvage.

At first, (like most Gojira Albums) I didn’t know what to think, I was completely taken aback with everything the album was doing. Its so direct with the lyrics, art, and movement of the music. When listening completely the first time around I sat down with my headphones on, wine in one hand, lyrics in the other with no distractions… and the journey began.

Explosia to me was kind of like a preview or prologue of the album, demonstrating a chaos, or struggle within oneself and within society. Joe even writes in the lyrics ” Put aside mind traps and false beliefs”, maybe referring even to the album , to listen openly. This is a very powerful song, that made me quite emotional.

THE AXE – My favorite song on this album. I love the strength this song has, and the double bass with intricate cymbal work Mario uses is spectacular. Its a tad repeatative towards the end, but it makes it more balanced.


(to be continued)



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