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Gojira Announce Tour

With the cancelling of Lamb of God from the tour already scheduled this year, Gojira has planned a Headline Tour in North America.

Gojira HEADLINE Tour August 2012 Kicks Off in 2 days! Some tickets still available below

Date City Venue Ticket Link
8/9/12 New York, NY Santos Party House (SOLD OUT)

8/11/12 Heavy TO Festival, Toronto – 8/12/12 Heavy MTL Festival, Montreal -

8/13/12 Worcester, MA Upstairs @ The Palladium – 8/14/12 New York, NY Studio at Webster Hall (SOLD OUT)

8/15/12 Pontiac MI, Pike Room - (see more)


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Gojira Cancel US Tour

Wih Randy Blythe having been arrested and detained over seas, the tour planned this fall was cancelled.

the following press release was issued by Lamb of God’s representatives:

“Due to the continued incarceration of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe in the Czech Republic, the band’s co-headline tour with Dethklok scheduled to begin August 1st in Seattle is being cancelled. The band regrets the decision but the uncertainty of Randy’s release makes it impossible to carry on with the tour. Upon Randy’s release, it is the band’s intention to rebook a tour in the fall and at this time the band fully intends to participate in the Mayhem Cruise in December.

Lamb of God wishes to thank Dethklok, Adult Swim and Gojira for their support and patience as well as all of the promoters who had dates on the tour.  Last but certainly not least, the band thanks all of the fans who bought tickets for the tour and who have been supportive of Randy and the band over the last month that Randy has been held in Prague. Without the fans, there is no Lamb of God.”

This has been devastating to us fans over here in the States, as I know Myself and others were so excited to see our favoirite band for the first time in years.


Gojira tour In New York the following month playing a hand full of show in the North East Coast of the US.

L’Enfant Sauvage Officially Releases!

Finally, the time has come! Gojira fans around the world have anticipated this day since the announcement forever ago. The pre-ordered bundles have been shipped to those who ordered (myself included). Fans across the world have spoken in support of the new album:


Katia Ribas -”L’enfant Sauvage is just FANTASTIC!” - Eddie Noell – “idk where to even start with this album, absolutely epic”- Dave Boyle “best metal album of 2012 so far!!!!!” – Stuart Mosman “Huge album! Amazing layers and intensity. Think it will eclipse from Mars to Sirius as their best album to date. Awesome work guys!” – Jyrki Väyrynen “Every track blows my head off! Keep on going guys!” Holden Stowe “The entire album is perfection.”
These are just a few fans sharing their love, here are some more fans excited to show off their bundles!
SUBMIT YOUR OWN FAN LOVE PICS to danielle@gojirauniverse.com!
Gojira fans everywhere seem more then happy with everything concerning the new album, now all we are waiting for is for them to show up in our city with their new tour they’ve already started. I’ll see them In September!

Music to My Ears

The new Gojira album is out…. and I have it. I still haven’t listened to the whole thing yet. For several reasons. Some I’m sure those who are reading don’t care , but when you are musician with OCD and slightly-unhealthily-obsessed with Gojira as much as I am, you tend to try and savor as much as you can. (It’s going to be years before we get more new Gojira again anyways, so why rush?) In a way its like being given your favorite dessert for once in a few years,  and you want to enjoy every moment as much as possible.

Ironically the date of the release of the album was 4 days shy of my unborn daughter’s expected date of delivery. Needless to say she still has yet to arrive, but once she has and the storm has calmed, I fully intend on sitting in my car or in front of my PA system (fully relaxed ) with 100% undivided attention to give my ears an injection of heavy frequencies.

So far, I’ve given in slightly and listened to the first few songs driving around in my Mustang blasting the speakers. From what I’ve heard, I love it, and that’s just the first listen. Usually I like the album the more I listen to it, and I’m already starting at a high point so far with L’Enfant Sauvage.

Just hearing, not “listening” , at a glance, so far my favorite is Mouth Of Kala, The rhythm foundation is really awesome and blends the other layers together perfectly. Also, Explosia is just the perfect song to start the album off with to get you at just the right jumping point for the rest of the album, not too high and not too low.


As a musician stand point, I’ve always viewed Gojira’s music as ” Powerfully – Layerful”. Sometimes, when I listen to older songs off Terra Incognita, for the 87th time, I STILL hear things here and there that I hadn’t before. Gojira then was all over the place, but not in a bad way. There is so much music compacted into one song or one album within 8-12 different layers (which was a common view made by album Continue reading “Music to My Ears” »

Joe Reviews L’Enfant Sauvage trackbytrack

GOJIRA FANS! = RoadRunner sits down with Joe to review the album- L’enfant Sauvage- from his perspective track by track

(video is a little off not matching song with review but you can get the idea)

To see the whole article go to  > Roadrunner

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